Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Some of the Sites that I have read and bookmarked along the way. It really helped me in understanding my Canon 400D camera and about photography. I hope these will help you unfold your creativity. Although all of them are canon camera tutorials, but I think these lessons will help new photographers in understanding the basics of photography.

Canon DSLR Tutorials: Enjoy Digital
An easy and comprehensive way of knowing the basics of Canon DSLR's. It is divided into five parts. A must for photographers new to DSLR.

PART I .......Basic Introduction
PART II.......Using Camera Features For Better Photos
PART III......Choosing Lenses for Different Kinds of Photos
PART IV......Printing Photos
PART V.......Terminology

Canon Digital Learning Center: EOS Rebel Tutorials

This suite of EOS Digital Rebel tutorials is designed to help you maximize the potential of your EOS Digital Rebel.
Intended to be fun, yet informative, these lessons will help you in reaching for new creative heights as a digital photographer. These lessons have been created by photographer and widely-published author, Rick Sammon.

These lessons are divided into chapters from basic to advance.
Chapter 1-5
1. New to Digital
2. Setting your Camera
3. Exploring Exposure Modes
4. Focus on Autofocusing
5. Picturing People

Chapters 6-10
6. Photographing Landscapes
7. Photographing Action
8. A Day in the City
9. Traveling with Your Rebel
10. Nightime Photography

Chapters 11-15
11. Lenses
12. Transfering Your Files
13. Closeup Photography
14. Image Editing Basics
15. Understanding Autofocus

Chapters 16-20

16. Brighten Your Pics with Flash
17. Getting a Good Exposure
18. Creating a Digital Negative
19. Serving Up Creative Control
20. Printing from Your Camera

Chapters 21-25
21. Adobe Elements Part II
22. White Lenses for Wildlife
23. Archiving Your Photos
24. Focus on Sports Action
25. Coming Soon: Remote Capture


Anonymous said...

Wow! This site is just what I've been looking for since I inherited my EOS Digital Rebel 300D with my High School's yearbook job. Thanks for all the great information. I will share this with my students and staff.

Anonymous said...

These tutorials are not available online anymore. Does anyone knows if they are available elseware?

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